It’s all about the service

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My better half and myself decided we wanted to have a meal out yesterday. We had been talking about going to a specific chain (which I won’t mention, but it’s red) and so wandered in.

The place was empty, I mean like totally empty. No customers. No staff. We stood there for a while, took that as a sign and left. We went instead to a burger chain, where we’ve been dozens of times and loved every time. We were greeted quickly and generally made to feel welcome. The staff here always seem happy to be there and actually willing to make their customers experience a positive one.

Now, this got me thinking. I’m finding more and more that I am making choices about where I spend money on the level of service I get there. If someone has been helpful, friendly and informed, I’ll go back there. This could just be me getting old and maybe I am becoming a grumpy old man but when I want to buy something I do expect there to be someone ready and able to help me.

I think I need to lie down